Inhibitor Programs

The bleeding disorder community is fortunate that inhibitors are rare, but that lack of critical mass in local communities underscores the difficult task of providing peer support on a local level. At CHES, we don’t just know inhibitors, we LIVE them. We offer 4 unique program experiences to the inhibitor community from new diagnosis to retirement with a 95% overall satisfaction rating.

Our program model of parent and mentor driven, professionally guided discussions encourage families to learn from one another to create an environment where people genuinely know they are not alone; that the feelings that erupt in their everyday lives are normal.

Our participants share these comments about their CHES experience:

“Every aspect of this program has impacted our lives. This program is a God send. The feeling of isolation or of being alone are not only addressed, but you bring us all together to love on each, share stories and learn. Your program is like a huge glass of water to a parent who has been alone in a dessert. It melts all our needs.”

“At medical conferences, we are instructed on how to live better; but here we actually get to LIVE! This program is the glue that connects us as family from across the country. Thanks to CHES, I have a “go-to” network of trusted individuals that I can call upon during my most challenging moments.”