Polices & Guidelines

Program Cancellation Policy - Effective 1/1/2019

Due to the rising costs and market changes, CHES will now be implementing registration costs for all of our programs. These costs are being put into place in order to combat the loss of funds that occur with participant or family cancellations. Participants and families will be required to pay a fee at the time of registration.

  • Event deposits for individuals (i.e. LadyBugs, Leverage, Momentum, & Moms Uninhibited): $50

  • Events deposits for families (i.e. After the Shock, Factor 7 Retreat, GT Symposia, & Inhibitor Family Camp): $25/person with a cap of $100 for families over 4+ persons 

Deposits will be returned to the participant or family once they have attended the event (in its entirety) and the event has concluded. There will also be an option to have that registration deposit donated to a charitable cause that aids other bleeding disorder families in dire need of assistance.

If attendance of a participant or family cancels their spot at one of our events after travel registration has been completed, the deposit will not be returned.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our participants as we understand how tough commitments are and how priorities change suddenly. At this time, cancellations are affecting the number of people we can serve as well as the level of service in which we can serve them.


Program Reimbursement Guidelines

Comprehensive Health Education Services will provide reimbursement for travel-related expenses incurred while you are traveling to/from a CHES program.

Reimbursable Expenses Include:

  • Mileage to and from your home to the airport (or to the camp if driving), tolls, bridge fees

  • Parking at the airport (if you are flying)

  • Checked bags fees

  • Meals while traveling on Friday and Sunday up to $20.00 per person per day IF A GROUP MEAL IS NOT PROVIDED.  Itemized receipts must be submitted to be reimbursed for meals.

  • Original itemized receipts must be provided with your reimbursement form.

*A minimum of one program evaluation sheet per family is required for expense reimbursement.